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It is a fact great leadership is hard.

Every manager today is pinched for time, has more inputs than ever before and struggles to drive success. You owe it your team to be a great leader. Energized, motivated, inspired. Are these words that define you leadership style? Every modern leader struggles with rousing their team and staying driven to success.

Define. Measure. Create - Inspiring a Leadership Journey
stirs the modern leader to make the change today that creates success.

Define expectations.

Measure performance.

Create a great place to work.

Master these 3 keys and success with spark from an ember into a raging flame.

This book provides the time-crunched leader hands on guidance to energize, create, and inspire any team. Raise your hand if you have enough time! Each short chapter provides a tantalizing approach giving insights to great leadership and offers essential keys to move forward from where your business stands today.

The lessons of Define Measure Create wrap around stories. A young boy scalping tickets at a ball game and who learns the lessons of performance measurement. Young managers who shake hands with icons and feel the value of trust. Experiencing the painful realities of traveling in this world with other humans around us and finding success as we all merge in life. All approachable anecdotes told in a vein intent on helping leaders get in, get out, and get on with it.

 Battle hardened managers and newly minted supervisors will find ideas igniting their business imagination. Can't find time to digest long leadership texts, the Inspiring Leadership Journey is for managers wanting clear, actionable and brief insights into business today.

You owe it yourself, team and family to be a great leader. Take the challenge of creating a great place to work, defining strategy and measuring success.

"I really enjoyed the book! One key takeaway - one essential facet of leadership is a continued commitment to continuous learning and growth."

Matt Stewart, Cunningham Group 

"I love the Create section...nourishing yourself as a manager and leader while Define/Measure is more about cultivating yourself, organization, and your team."

Heidi Dix, Troutman Sanders Strategies

Praise for Define. Measure. Create

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