Great Reads

Savvy Owners Can Make You More Profit

A great piece on how leading construction buyers are using collaboration and partnership to extract more value from their projects and also creating more profit for contractors.

American Exceptionalism

Cover story from Utility Infrastructure Magazine highlighting infrastructure investments that made the United States an economic power and how future investments are necessary. Co-author Mark Bridgers, Continuum AG.

The Project Collaboration Toolbox

Struggling to find tools to build cross-organizational teams or cross-company teams, this article provides great insights.

Help Wanted - Finding and Hiring Today's Top College Talent

Insights on finding and hiring top-flight college talent, co-written with a recent college grad and one of the nation's leading university career and counseling experts.

Managing a Design & Construction Team During a Downturn

No one likes downturns in the economy, this article outlines tips on managing any team in an economic downturn.

Dynamic Succession Planning

A nice read from the Journal of Public Works and Infrastructure on replacing the baby boomers in the workforce as they retire.

Succession Planning Now! (2006)

A short piece on the challenges of succession planning in the public sector, based on a statewide survey of municipal leaders.

Great reads from Reester & Associates

Keith Reester is widely published and is often called upon as a leading resource on leadership, strategy, sustainability and public infrastructure. 

Mr. Reester is slated to publish his first book this fall, Define, Measure, Create - Inspirations on Great Leadership.

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